With uncertainty rife and chaos all around us, there is an opportunity waiting for those prepared to take it – to help explain, interpret and put into perspective all the news and comment surrounding the EU referendum vote; to add an opinion that doesn’t come from a biased journalist, or politician with an agenda.

I would be all over the opportunity but sadly I’m not an expert in law or finance or politics or business, but if you are and you are ever considering starting to build a digital profile as an expert, now is the time to take a leadership position in the debate and get your opinions out there.

I’m sure that your press, PR and marketing teams would be delighted to help you with the writing and dissemination of anything you have to say – being a leader here will benefit your firm as well as your personal profile and someone will be on hand to help.

There is no need to understand Twitter or worry about LinkedIn or any other social channel, it’s simply time to seize on the chance to start becoming a thought leader, add your thoughts and opinions to the debate, and help people begin to understand what’s happening and what comes next….