In the past, I have written about the importance of being a visible expert, expressing an opinion and leading the digital debate. With today’s rather shocking news that Britain is leaving the EU it’s more vital than ever that experts in every field push themselves to the forefront and start to provide the leadership, advice and opinions that the country needs.

Uncertainty will be the watchword of the next few years, we don’t know where we are going, who will be leading us there or indeed what will happen when we get there. What we do know is that we are all going to need to hear the voices of the people that actually know what they are talking about. Despite Mr Gove’s insistence that we don’t need experts (be interesting to see what he does next time he is ill – never mind doctors, that bloke down the pub can help!).

There is going to be a lot of hot air coming out of a lot of people over the coming weeks, months and years and if you are an expert in what you do, now is the time to start leading opinion and building your reputation as the “go-to” expert in your niche. If you don't, someone else will...

Your audience awaits….