During this weeks webinar where we discussed the results of our recent research into content marketing and digital knowledge sharing by law firms. We showed the (Interesting if not that surprising) graph below. We did a search on Google trends (great tool to play with by the way!), looking at the search volume for the terms lawyer and law firm over the last few years. 

Although it's not that surprising, it really does demonstrate that people are interested in people and hammers home the importance for lawyers (and other professionals) of having a really good online presence! Your potential clients are out there, searching for an individual that can help with the problem they have, there are a few easy ways you can start to build and maximise your online presence and get found by people looking for your expertise: 

1) An up to date LinkedIn profile that you have put a bit of thought into - it's a professional network but if you can show a bit of personality alongside your expertise, it makes much better reading - don't just copy and paste your profile from your firms website. 

2) Blogs, articles or other ways that demonstrate your knowledge of your sector as well as showing a bit of personality - even if you are dealing with incredibly serious matters on a daily basis. A personal blog, regular contributions to the firm blog or even a few posts on LinkedIn Pulse can really help.

3) Video content - have you given a talk somewhere, or been interviewed? If you have video content make sure it's somewhere people can find it. Add the transcript if you can. Upload your presentations to slideshare and add them to your LinkedIn profile.  

4) Twitter! People use twitter as a search engine, and twitter results appear on a Google search! if you can regularly tweet your thoughts on important issues or share knowledge pieces you have written, you start to come across as a real person.  

The steps above seem a bit daunting, especially when you job revolves around hourly rates; taking to twitter or writing regular blogs posts can seem like a big step. But there is lots of help out there, your marketing and BD team, colleagues and the internet can make it a lot easier. In the long term it will pay dividends....