Working in the world of content marketing means I spend a lot of time meeting and chatting to Marketing teams. There are some fabulously talented Marketeers out there, in every sector and at companies large and small; but for every superstar Marketeer that is setting the world alight with new ideas, there is a frustrated counterpart, shackled by corporate inertia, lack of trust in marketing as a function and fear of what might go wrong if they are allowed to do what they want to do. Here some of the reasons I think you should trust your Marketing team….

It’s a vital function – years ago there were less people in the world, less companies jostling for top slot in the mind of a potential customer and word of mouth was incredibly powerful. The combination of globalisation, cheap advertising solutions and social media means that it’s now very difficult to even get into the thinking of your potential customers. Back then you could pop a glossy advert in you favourite magazine (for the sake of vanity), and sit back and leverage all your personal relationships to bring in new business. Today you need to navigate your way through a maze of complexity to get head space with your audience. Trust thy Marketing team to know how to do this.

Short attention span – I have no idea which company supplies my car insurance or electricity or water, I go to whichever supermarket is nearest at the time to do my shopping and I have no clue where I bought my last pair of trousers. None of these companies have managed to stick in my mind and as a consequence, I see no reason to continue with them when next I need what they do. A great marketing team can change this, keeping me engaged and interested, even if the communications are not transactional. Trust thy Marketing team to keep your customers interested and engaged.        

You are only an expert if people know about you -  Word of mouth and referrals are still the best and easiest way to get new business, but the proliferation of companies in every sector means that any potential customer will get several of these. When I chose a lawyer to do my conveyancing I got 4 referrals and then took to Google to narrow it down. Trust thy Marketing team to help build the profile of your business and the individuals within it so that when I Google them, they look like people I want to work with.

No one really wants a sales call – There are some sectors, particularly recruitment, where the ethos is still that making 100 calls a day is the best and only way to win business. Having been on the receiving end of this – it’s not!! Thousands of companies making tens of thousands of calls means that the key decision makers in the target companies are getting a ludicrous number of sales calls every day. This does nothing to breed goodwill, quite the opposite in fact – I am able to tag the numbers of some of these annoying callers in our system, so I know I don’t have to talk to them. Trust thy marketing team to help with this, empower them and let them drive the customers to call you!    

Smarketing – I know it’s a horrible use of language, it’s supposed to illustrate how sales and marketing are coming together and far more symbiotic than ever before. The world has changed and sales has changed. Statistically anyone that contacts your sales team has already done a lot of research on your company, your experts and your solutions. Getting your sales guys to call a lead and poke their pain is unlikely to cut it anymore, because the potential customer has already googled their problem, found your competitor and bought from them. Trust thy Marketing team to ensure that you are the company people find when they Google their problem!

Your Marketing team are no longer the colouring in department, they are vital to the future of your business and you need to trust them and empower them to do what they do best so that you can do what you do best!