I like to blog regularly, and because I want my blog posts to be focused on my key area of interest - B2B Content Marketing - it's really important to me that I know whats going on in this area. Occasionally the well of inspiration runs dry or I simply don't have the time to scour the web for something new to write about. 

There is a very simple and oft ignored solution to this - setting up a Google alert. It's a very simple solution to my inspiration problem!  

Simply go to Google alerts, tell Google what you are interested in - for me it's B2B content marketing, for you it will be something specific to the niche in which you work.

You can set up frequency and delivery time - I get it daily at 9am and can start my day being inspired by the latest news and developments in my field. If there is something I have an opinion about, or want to promote to my network I use Passle to add my thoughts and create a post. 

Even if there is nothing I want to write about, I find that it helps me to know whats going on and extend my knowledge on a daily basis. 

Simple and highly recommended!