The synopsis of the article I have quoted below is that everyone in your firm can contribute to the firms dominance of the social space.

Every professional you work with has (or hopefully has) a profile on LinkedIn and some (probably not as many as you would like!) are on twitter and other networks. So every one of them can contribute and multiply the effect of anything you share on social media.

Take Clifford Chance for example - the firm has 49,000 followers on LinkedIn - so content they share as a firm will reach 49,000 people. However they have 5,000 employees on LinkedIn, and those employees might have (on average) 500 connections - if every employee shares that piece of content they could reach 2.5 million people.

It's important to engage everyone in the firm, when it comes to building brand and profile and although it's unlikely you will ever turn your lawyers into hardcore busness developers, you can probably get them to share and like your content on a regular basis...