A great post on the M2 Bespoke blog that has started an interesting discussion on LinkedIn. So what do you do when you put up a new blog post?

I use Passle to blog so I have a set of tools at my fingertips that make it easy to promote my new post.

I can cover the "ego bait" angle by adding other peoples tweets about the subject I am writing about to my post. I then tweet to say thanks to all the people whose tweets I have used. This usually results in retweets - which I "like" and share as appropriate.

I'll post direct to LinkedIn with an update - either on my personal feed or to a relevant LinkedIn group - if I think it's on topic. I'll also tweet from LinkedIn to get some extra exposure.

I tweet the post from my personal blog page 3-4 times over the day with different titles - stats, questions etc... and every month I will bring older posts back to life by creating a newsletter from within Passle which I can email to contacts and post direct to Pulse.

What do you do to get exposure for your posts?