New research from Buzzsumo/Moz suggests that the majority of content is of very little interest to readers - most content gets very few (if any) shares or links.

“The data suggests that most content is simply not worthy of sharing or linking.”

This is not that surprising! I receive a huge amount of emails each day from sites I signed up to and the majority of the content is not relevant, useful or interesting to me. I click on some links but usually end up becoming a "bounce" in their stats. It's an unscientific scattergun approach that leads to vast amounts of content being thrown at vast amounts of people in the hope that something will resonate.

What can be done about it?

For me it's about drilling down and being a bit more scientific about it. Put simply - use the stats! Be aware of what is working and stick to it. Test new ideas with shorter posts - if it works write more, if it doesn't - scrap it.

Ignore the top line numbers?

Open rates are all very well, but what you really want is engagement so clickthroughs are more important and the time someone spends on the page is even more vital. 10,000 opens or page views might sound good, but if no one spends more than 5 seconds reading your content you have wasted your time.

Audience, sector, niche!

At Passle, we help knowledge businesses to create content around their niche and despite the fact that many articles are very very specific to their industries, the majority of posts are well read and well shared. This is because all these businesses create content around their areas of expertise, which is always going to be of interest to their clients and those considering becoming their clients.