I found the discussion linked to below on LinkedIn, it’s about the barriers to creating quality content for your website, some really interesting points and I thought I’d summarise some of the themes that run through the discussion and give some of my thoughts on how to get over these barriers:

  • Why? One of the major barriers seems to be lack of strategy and cohesion, many organisations know they should have a focus on content, but their strategy is fragmented and not everyone understands why they are doing it. I think the first question to ask is “What are we trying to achieve by creating and sharing content?” and working backward from there. You can then begin to align your content strategy to your business goals and define success – more on that here Aligning your content strategy to your business goals
  • You now have a plan and you know who will be creating the content for you, the next issue is How? How do you get busy experts to create the content that demonstrates the knowledge within your business, some useful hints and tips at Motivating your experts to produce content
  • Continuing on my theme we get to When? The simple answer is Now! Blogging around current events, changes in your niche or issues that affect your industry can make the difference between being seen as a seen as a Current expert – the first to give an opinion and therefore a thought leader – or an also-ran. In many cases organisations have a blogging and social media policy in place that makes it very difficult to be the first to give comments or insights on the issues of the day – If this is you, then it’s time to tear it up and start again – Is your social media policy holding you back?
  • And so to Where? Once the content is created, it’s vital to get the biggest possible impact out of what you have created. Impact leads to feedback and data that helps you refine your strategy and justify what you are doing. Failing to get the maximum mileage from your content will quickly kill off your impetus – more on making the most of your content here – Getting the maximum mileage from your blog post