You have (begrudgingly) written your required blog post for the month, submitted it to the company blog page and now it’s time to settle back into the day job – there are things to be done, clients to be serviced and hours to be billed; but did you take an extra few minutes to think about how to get the most out of what you have written? There are a lot of experts out there and with a few tricks you can start to differentiate yourself from the herd and start to build your profile as the “go to” person in your field

Quick and easy:

Share it (a lot) – When it’s live on your website, be sure to add it to LinkedIn as an update. Tweet it and set yourself reminders to tweet it a few more times later on in the day/week with a different headline.

Make sure your marketing team know about it – busy professionals don’t blog much, so your marketing department will probably be delighted to have something new that they can share and use and they will probably do most of the work for you.

Ask others to share it – Email it to colleagues and get them to share it too. If five colleagues share it on LinkedIn, your reach will be dramatically increased!

Add it to LinkedIn pulse as a post – your connections will be notified and you will gain more visibility – don’t forget to tweet directly from LinkedIn as well.

Share it to a relevant group on LinkedIn, add a question and start a discussion. You'll be notified about replies so you can keep the conversation going over time.

Email the link to a couple of clients or peers that you know are interested in the subject you are writing about.

A bit more work:

Extend it – While you are in writing mode, why not create an extended version of your post, add a case study or relevant data, send it to a colleague and see if they have anything to add, turn it into a white paper that could be added to your profile or made available for download.

If your idea is generating a buzz from everything you did above, you could take the key points and create a short deck using Haiku deck or something similar and share it. It won’t take long and you will have something new to share.

You could even record a voiceover and upload it to Youtube. (don’t forget to share!)

Worth the effort:

If you follow the steps above you will have created and shared a blog post, a white paper, a video and a slide deck, and earned the eternal gratitude of your marketing team. It might have taken a bit more time, but every share, like, comment or view is another touch point for a potential client, journalist or conference organiser. If you do it right, thousands of people will have seen your name associated with your area of expertise. If you do it often those people will start considering you as an expert in your field.