Egosurfing – or Googling yourself, is one of those things that is quite fun on a slow Friday afternoon, but have you ever taken the time to scour the internet for all mentions of yourself and take an objective view of what you find?

Open up a private browsing window and try searching for yourself along with a few keywords that are relevant to your profession – then ask yourself “Would I hire me?”

I wrote a post recently on “differentiating yourself when you are not that different” which touched on the importance of taking the time to build your profile online. Taking stock of your online persona in this way is a great way to work out which areas need work.

Try asking the following questions as you browse your company website, social profiles, customer feedback, twitter feed and anything else you find

Are you Knowledgeable? – Does the online you come across as having expert knowledge of your field? Your Linkedin profile probably states that you have all the right qualifications and skills, but do you demonstrate that knowledge through articles, blogs or on twitter? Does the online you clearly show that you can solve the problems or challenges you know your clients have?

Are you Human? – No one wants to deal with a robot. Is your online persona stiff, overly formal or clearly created by someone else? Is there another side to you from the professional? A hobby, passion or interest that might help people relate to you if you mention it?

Are you Yourself? – Do you have articles on the company site that are clearly written by someone else? Are your tweets generic and dull? Is your twitter feed entirely composed of retweets? Is there a bit of personality to your blog posts? Does the online you give people a good idea of what the real you is like?

Are you Interesting – Do you have something to say? Something to add to the conversation? Do you get involved?

Is there anything that might put people off? - Have you made an ill-advised comment on a forum? Does your facebook profile have an old picture of you dancing on a table in your underpants? Have you tweeted whilst drunk and angry?

When you put it all together, would you hire the online version of yourself?

In my next post, imaginatively titled “Would you hire you? (Part 2)” I’ll talk about what you can do to turn the ‘no’ into a ‘yes’