An interesting write up of the recent Social Media Summit for Law Firms. Which focused heavily on the importance of building the credibility of your fee earners online via LinkedIn, social and content.

When I needed a lawyer to do the conveyancing for my recent house purchase, I asked several people for recommendations. I was given 5 different names (individuals not firms!) and immediately went to work researching them online.

It's probably not that surprising that the lawyer I eventually hired wrote a biweekly blog post on property and conveyancing. One of his posts was very helpful and even before speaking to him, I had started following his advice. He did a great job and despite the fact he has moved firms, I wouldn't hesitate to call him if I move house again.

It's not rocket science, but illustrates the importance of digitising the thoughts of your experts and using them to build their profile alongside that of the firm. As a marketeer you need to empower and educate your fee earners because it really can make a difference!

The firms v lawyers debate makes some firms uneasy, worried that helping an individual to build their brand could be a wasted effort if they move on - but if you don't do it it's likely that the client may go elsewhere anyway.