A great piece about the sort of person we all know at least one of (and strive to avoid!) - the bragger, the show off, the person who makes you feel uncomfortable with their constant quest to tell you fabulous facts about themselves.

The way most of us react to this sort of person illustrates the dangers of going too far when it comes to personal branding. How many of us groan when we read a LinkedIn profile of a connection who is clearly overselling themselves; and still manage to do exactly the same thing on our own profile?

To further illustrate, what do you think when you see someone that actually bills themselves as a thought leader, or a visionary, or an innovator, guru, prophet etc? For me it's "prove it", and I don't mean by writing an overblown description of their achievements on a LinkedIn profile, or constantly tweeting the wise words of someone else. I mean prove it by demonstrating your knowledge in a way that is useful to others.

Very few people are interested in reading your own views on how clever and wonderful you are! It might help you turn up in a keyword search, but people will soon make their own minds up. In business, the people you want to talk to are interested in how you can apply your knowledge to help them. So take a long hard look at your assorted profiles (personal branding), stop telling people about your skills, expertise and knowledge; and start proving it!