Set my alarm for 6.30 this morning so I could watch an hour of cricket before going to work - alas by that time England had suffered a defeat that was at best ignominious!

It's really worrying that they went into the world cup with an expectation of losing the first two games - surely going in with that attitude pretty much assured that defeat was the only possible outcome? Look at Ireland - they fully believed and expected that they would beat the Windies and, with significvantly less talent available than England - they did.

There is something deeply wrong wiith the England setup, some sort of psychological flaw that is being drilled into the players, how else do you turn a team of talented (and they are!) cricketers into such a 3rd rate one day side.

They jettisoned KP for, among other things, being an allegedly bad person to have in the dressing room, but the run of results since then implies that the fault is elsewhere. The over reliance on data and complete lack of a plan B is a worry - watching the bowleres persist with slow bouncers while Australia made hay was awful. But what really smarts is the England set up's consistant ability to turn good players into mediocre players.

If the England cricket team was a company, someone would have said thanks but no thanks, quietly paid off the board and started again from scratch. Instead, we get the same irritating stream of nonsense from all concerned "we didn't show our skills" "we didn't bowl in the right areas" etc....

Peter Moores seems like a nice chap and has been an excellent county coach, but he has already failed once as the England coach and you have to question the decision to appoint him in the first place. David Saker has a record of breaking bowlers and Mark Ramprakash - great county batsman that he was - never ever had the psychological strength to succeed at international level and I question why he was appointed in the first place. Paul Downton has presided over a succession of poor results and Giles Clarke is concerned only with money. We have seen a drip feed of scapegoats, KP, Alistair Cook etc have paid the price whilst the management team carries blitheley on - making their excuses and wholeheartedly failing to do a good job.

I say sack them all - before the Scotland game! There is plenty of money of money in the ECB coffers so lets appoint a new coaching team - people who know how to succeed and recognise that players at the top level don't so much need coaching as a gentle steer in the right direction and a belief in their own ability. And please please never let me hear a quote like this again from a professional sportsman: -

“We envisaged, or foresaw a future of having lost our first two games but not by these amounts."