Great piece on the difference between traditional advertising and content marketing. I wholeheartedly agree with the author, that there is still a place for both.

Traditional advertising is still highly effective for making an impact and keeping your brand front and centre. It can however, be something of a blunt instrument. Messages aimed at the lowest common denominator are likely to alienate and irritate - I don't want to be told that Mcburgers are healthy, or smearing something on my head will get rid of a headache, or even that "insert car name here" will make people think I'm special. A lot of advertising lacks credibility, which is where content comes in...

Content, when done properly, is a much more gentle approach, allowing a company or individual to prove they know what they are talking about. This gradual demonstration of their knowledge allows you, the customer, to get to know them to the point that when you need their expertise, you will naturally turn to them.

It's clear, from a lot of the content out there, that the difference is not fully understood, but at least we are slowly getting there.